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Helping you go from WTF? to HYFR! when it comes to leveraging online video content marketing

the same strategies that helped our clients make $10k+ in revenue,
garner over 40k followers, and generate 3.5m views

Why You Are Here
Yo, first thing first, I am excited to earn your business.

I will keep it short, cause I am an extrovert and if left untamed you and I will be chatting all night. Don't count that out, btw! 

DISCLAIMER - You are best suited for this consultation if you are an author, speaker, coach, consultant, or freelancer building or seeking to build their authority online.
You are someone who:
  • has something to say that will help someone transform their life or business or both.
  • has a business that you want to make better known to generate more leads and increase profitability.
  • has an incredible passion that you want to put out into the world and inspire others, while doing it in a way that's authentic to who you are.
You want to leverage video to accomplish that goal!
Now, you already know all the reasons, ways, and statistics that support why video is the most powerful medium to communicate and grow an audience and business online.

And, you're ready to go all in on it! 

Or you've already begun!


It's been rough, to say the least. Okay, you may have even cried about it, just a little.

I mean how many more times can you withstand some f***** marketer interrupting your precious fun-filled scrolling on social media to ask you "are you making reels/tiktoks?"

Give me a break, please. Sheesh! Also, I am sorry because one of those videos may have been mine. Oops!

But, luckily that frustration and desire for confetti-popping-transformation to your brand or business has lead you here... and I couldn't be more grateful.

So let's talk about what we'd do together, shall we?
What You Get
90 Min Consultation, with yours truly

My objective is to help you make creating, publishing, and leveraging video content easy, enjoyable, and result-oriented. 

Mo Ismail, is an NCA award winning and published Communication Studies Master scholar, public speaker, and the CEO of MOCs, where he oversees the strategic and operational direction of the agency.

Through his scholarship in Psychology and Communication Studies, and his passion for creative and business, Mo’s focus is to bridge the gap between creative, communication, and marketing; helping his viewers and clients clarify their message to effectively reach their audience and grow their business using video marketing.

Together, we will take that confusion and frustration that you have around video content marketing eliminate it and solidify a direction. We turn it into a plan that is fit for you, your capacity, and your goals. A plan that when you implement it you'll start to see the sprouting of results within 30 days.

  • Recording of your call
  • Documented notes of your call
Before You Book
I need to keep it a buck fifty with you, okay?

Selflessly - I want you to win!

Selfishly - I want to brag about you winning!

So, my question now is - aside from you paying for the session and showing up to the session, are you willing and committed to doing the work that we set for you after the session?

If not, no harm no foul, but DO NOT book this session. Continue to soak up everything I put out for free until there is no other alternative BUT to do the work! 

I care too much about you and how I can help you for this session to become just another consultation, course, or program that gets bought and forgotten.

If you've made it this far and are still HYFR, here are the next steps you'll encounter:
  • You'll fill out a short application
  • You'll schedule a session time that's convenient for you.
Complete your application to secure your spot
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